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Over 15 years delivering event recycling solutions

All types of indoor & outdoor gatherings

Full turnkey or dry hire options

Supported by our unique collection products
Featuring the folding recycle station
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Pedicab Hire:

As an Onsite Festival Taxi

  • Our front seated Pedicab is ideal as a low carbon on site pedal taxi for moving people and equipment around the event site. This can be dry hired to the event or can be supplied with a rider.

As a Mobile Recycling Station

  • For waste management at small parties and corporate events, street events and structural openings, Carnivals and Fairs, Ceremonies and small gatherings.
  • A fun and engaging solution for recycling at outdoor events
  • Can be hired as a mobile or static solution
  • Promotes the waste hierarchy through up-cycled products
  • Front loaded collection system with good rider visibility
  • Collects Cans, Plastic Bottles, Glass, Compost, Paper & Landfill
  • Can be customised to promote other waste stream collections and awareness
  • Can be branded with a detachable roof
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